There was a time when George Alger penned cogent, well-thought, informative letters to the editor. But since he has gone full MAGA he toes the Trump line as he, in a near apoplectic fit, rails about liberals.

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'Corporations are making "record profits", the stock market is "going up", and everything in rich-mans-land is going great...all because of the Biden's policies.' Meanwhile, when it comes to fuel and food prices, 'it is the fault of "corporate greed" that has nothing to do with Biden's policies.'. How can Democrats complain about corporate profit while they brag about their increased stock values? The government controls prices during declared emergencies with its new "price gouging" law and has set limits on how much consumers can be charged for everything they buy. Since emergency declarations are the new normal, this law is in effect more than it is not. Regarding illegal immigration, when is Biden going to do something about it besides begging for funds to process illegals into the country faster and provide them with services that ignore the needs of Americans? The high prices are not predicted to come down to pre-Biden levels enough to say his policies are a benefit for working Americans. If things were going well, the Democrats wouldn't have to lie and tell us how great things are for middle class and poorer Americans.


I haven't seen so much stupid in 1 letter since scott taylors last letter. Anybody that thinks biden is doing a good job is delusional.


The economy is humming along, showing solid growth. The stock market is hitting record territory, helping people's 401k's. Inflation is coming under control. What's not to like there?

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