Mosquito Bridge 120123

An aerial photograph taken Dec. 1 shows progress on building a new bridge to Mosquito. Courtesy photo

With progress moving forward in El Dorado County's $100 million Mosquito Bridge replacement project, county representatives turned to the Placerville City Council for help in an upcoming — and vital — phase of construction.

"El Dorado County embarked on a multi-jurisdictional, regional project about a year and a half ago with the Mosquito Bridge project," said Rafael Martinez, county Department of Transportation director. "Now we are reaching a pivotal part of this task where collaboration with the city will be beneficial for, we believe, not only the city but the county and residents of the area."

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Tyson Michaelson

$100 million to add bike lanes that no one uses

Tom Cumpston

No, it’s $100 million to build an auto bridge to enhance Mosquito property values.


Anyone who has been down Mosquito road knows the hazardous drive down and across the bridge. You could line Mosquito road with 120 cement trucks and you would not get back to Highway 50. The issue will not be red lights that last 2-4 minutes on highway 50. The issue will be getting large trucks down to the bridge and up the other side. The trucks will still be waiting at a red light at Mosquito Road as trip to green keeps highway 50 traffic flowing. This is a ridiculous use of an unofficial pilot "trip to green". Call it Trip to Mosquito Bridge and set the light sensor at Mosquito Road to allow left turns more frequently, unless of course the trucks are coming from the East and making a right hand turn which would make this closure a complete joke.

Tom Cumpston

Makes perfect sense. Just let me know the sate so I can mark my calendar, as I live in northeast Placerville.

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